Georgius Deluxe hollow body high C
Body: mahogany and ash
Top: rosewood and spruce
Neck: three pieces of ash
Fingerboard: makassar ebony 34” and 16”radius
Frets: 6230
Nut: bone 45mm
Strings spacing: 19mm
Set-in neck
Bridge: hipshot B style
Tuners: Gotoh
Electronic: passive vol-bal-ton
Pickup: big single neodymium custom
All ebony cover and finger ramp
Finish: satin nitrolacquer

Georgius De Luxe 5 st

Body: Mahogany Okumè
Top: Ebony-Rosewood
Neck: Ash-Rosewood 5pieces
Fretboard: Maple with Ebony block
Scale: 34″
Radius: 16″
Nut: 45mm
Spacing: 19mm
Pickup: Nordstrand
Preamp: Nordstrand 3band
Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: custom inox saddle

Weight: 3.900 kg

Georgius De Luxe 5 st

Body: Okumè

Top: popular burl

Neck: three pieces of maple; thickness 20mm first fret, 22mm twelfth fret

Fretboard: bloodwood, scale 34”, radius 16”, frets slim jumbo, 24 frets

Bridge: 3D 19 mm

Tuners: Kluson

Pick-up: hand wired neodymium single coil

Electronic: xander electronics 2 bands active 18v

Weight: 3.509kg

Georgius De Luxe 5 st Fretless

Body: Swamp Ash
Top: Popular Burl and rosewood
Neck: 5 pieces maple and walnut with truss rod reinforcement
Fretboard: Makassar ebony
Scale length: 34”
Nut: 45mm
Pickups: Mama pickups Acoustic
Control knobs: vol – bal – tone two switches for serie – single coil-parallel
Tuners: Kluson
Bridge: Sandberg
Finish: blue burst sea water with Nitro lacquer Satin
String space: 19mm

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