Sniper Deluxe 6 strings
Body: light ash
Tone block: American mahogany and purpleheart
Neck: 9 piece flamedmaple,ash,purpleheart, rosewood
Top: popular burl and rosewood
Fretboard: pale moon ebony
Nut: bone 54mm
Radius: 16”
Frets: 6105
Scale: fanned 33”-35”
Neck profile: ogival 19mm-21mm
Spacing: 19mm
Tuners: hipshot ultralight USA
Bridge: brass single saddles
Pickup: neodimium big single
Preamp: Bartolini ntmb active-passive
Covers: matching wooden covers
Color: satin nitrolacquer purpleburst
Weight: 4,2 kg
Sniper Deluxe fretless 5 strings
Body: American cherries 
Top: rosewood-flamed maple
Neck: laminated maple
Fretboard: makassar ebony
Scale: 34”
Nut: bone 45mm
Spacing strings: 19mm
Neck profile: ogival 20mm -22mm
Pickup: MAMA special stack
Electronics: passive Volume-Tone
Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: sandberg inox saddles
Finishing: nitrocellulose natural satin
Sniper Standard 5 strings
Body: mahogany
Neck: 3 pieces of ash
Fretboard: maple and rosewood
Nut: bone 45mm
Scale: 34”
Radius: 16”
Frets: 6230
Pickup: MAMA versa jazz
Preamp: Bartolini ntmb 3 band
Tuners: Kluson
Bridge: Sandberg inox
Finishing: satin electric blue nitrolacquer
Weight: 3,350 kg
Sniper Deluxe fretless
Body: mahogany
Top:quilted mahogany and rosewood
Neck: 3 piece walnut
Fretboard: laminated makassar and rosewood
Nut: 38mm
Bridge Spacing: 19mm
Bridge and tuners: hip shot and D-tuner
Pickup: MAMA omnia
Controls: stacked Vol-ton and split
Finish: satin nitrolacquer
Weight: 3,05 kg

Sniper De Luxe 5 st 

Body: Swamp Ash
Top: Padouk Variolè
Neck: 3 pieces swamp ash
Fretboard: Makassar ebony
Scale length: 34”
Nut: 45mm
Pickups: Custom Neodymium Dual coil Bridge-Custom Neodymium Big single Neck, Wooden covers
Preamp: Bartolini ntmb
Control knobs: vol-blend-tone-treble-mid-bass
Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: Steel Sandberg
Finish: Nitro lacquer Satin, open pore
String space: 19mm

Sniper De Luxe 5 st Combass signature

Body: Okumè with Alder tone bar

top: popular burl

Neck: 5 pieces laminated with Canadian maple and bloodwood

Fretboard:  Bloodwood

Scale: 34”

Radius: 16”

Fret: 6105

Nut: 45mm

Pickups: neck Nordstrand Big single bridge Big Rig

Electronic: Nordstrand 2B

Hardware:  tuners Kluson bridge Sandberg bridge strings spacing 19mm

Finish:  satin nitro laquer with camouflage airbrushing

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